About me

To put the expression of my soul and my work into words, I would like to call myself  channel medium and light shaman. I serve as a channel for the energies of the highest magnetic frequency of the universe and connect them with the energies of the ancient shamanic knowledge of our earth.

My desire is to connect people with their higher selves – helping them to unfold their full potential and to recognise and live their destiny here on earth.
As a healer, it is also my concern to recognise the cause of physical suffering and to support the client in transforming it. For this I use the method of channeling and various techniques of spiritual healing and shamanism.

I received my training as a Channel Medium, Spiritual Healer and Energenetics work (reprogramming of the genes) from my great teacher Susanne Stolzenberger in Hamburg. She in turn was a student of Frank Alper, who is known worldwide for his teachings on healing and is considered a pioneer of universal knowledge and wisdom. I thank both of them from the bottom of my heart!

I learned the techniques of Cranio-Sacral treatment, which taught me a great deal about the body, its organs and their complex interplay, from the alternative practitioner Ingrid Maier in Bad Ems and I thank her for the knowledge and experience that even the gentlest treatment can bring about great change in people.

The healer and shaman Star Johnsen-Moser introduced me to the work with light and crystal skulls. In her workshops and spiritual journeys to Mexico and Peru I was allowed to have wonderful and magical experiences that go far beyond our perceived reality. Through the work with the Maya in Mexico I rediscovered my shamanic parts in myself and I am infinitely grateful to have integrated this form of healing work in myself and to be able to use it!

As life is a constant process and I love to learn new things, my knowledge and consciousness is constantly expanding and my experience in dealing with my clients is getting richer every day.

Born on 29.09.1976 to a very spiritual mother, I was introduced to meditation at the age of 6. Later I attended the Montessori School and went to England to study theatre & english literature, lived for some time in Spain and now happily back in Cologne, where I offer my own workshops/ceremonies alongside my spiritual work. Part of the year I live in Mexico, where I organise sacred journeys and ceremonies at powerfull places like Temples and Pyramids.

You can find various videos about me and my work here …