Shamanic Session

The Shamanic work is free of guidelines and as a channel I connect with your energy field and let myself be guided by what you and your body need at that moment.
In doing so, I connect the highest energies of the universe with the primal forces of my shamanic knowledge, which enables me to work on both the subtle and the physical body, to look into the ancestral lineage and to transform deep-seated conditioning and transmissions. Crystal grids are created spontaneously while my crystal skulls accompany me in my work and support me with their consciousness. I use my drum, rattle, (crystal) singing bowls, essential oils, my voice, my hands and shamanic techniques to release blockages in your system and uncover what you are in your origin. A pure soul.
Through ceremonial work with Mayan and Incan shamans I have developed my own technique of shamanic work to, simply put, bring heaven and earth together in the human body.
As a practitioner I dive into the energy of source and reconnect you with your own divinity. In this way, healing can happen in you on all levels, and through the connection you feel, you are able to surrender to the flow of life with renewed confidence.
A session lasts about two hours (including pre- and post-talk), and I also offer it as a remote treatment (via telephone contact).

Cost: 180 Euro for a 2-hour session & 40 Euro more for each additional half hour.


In shamanism, ceremonies and rituals are an integral part of the spiritual practice to connect with Spirit, to honour the elements and directions, to bring the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky together, to contact the Otherworld, to bring wishes into manifestation and to create an inner centre and harmony with the altar, to name but a few.

For many years I have been working with the healing effect of ceremonies and rituals, such as the seasonal celebrations, the sweat lodge, the cocoa ceremony and others, which I like to celebrate with groups and offer them as events.
It is also possible to book your own ceremony with me. This is especially important for specific occasions such as a wedding, christening, pregnancy, illness, transition of a beloved soul into the other world, etc.

Feel free to contact me without obligation to create a ceremony that suits you and the occasion. It is a great pleasure for me to bring something very special to life for you (and your loved ones)!

House Cleansing, Protection & Blessing

Cleansing one’s house or flat of existing energies is sometimes as necessary as decluttering or cleaning. Some people even feel the presence of old, burdensome energies residing in their own home. These can cause tension or unpleasant feelings among other things.
Especially when moving into a new home or after a separation, it is particularly important to free the room from all old ballast so that you can feel comfortable and energetically realigned there afterwards.
For cleansing, I extensively smudge all rooms, connect with the existing energies there and clear them out. Then I give protecting energies into the rooms and, if necessary, charge them with the desired energies of the current occupant.
Especially beautiful when moving into a new home and after cleansing the rooms is a blessing ceremony with offerings consisting of flowers and other gifts that represent the elements to create a bond between the resident and the new home.
A house cleansing takes several hours and can be booked by me as a ceremony. The costs depend on the size of the home and the duration of the ceremony.

Feel free to contact me without obligation to discuss your house cleansing.

Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are wonderful companions, mystical beings, light workers and healers all in one. Because although they “only” consist of a certain stone, they have the ability to connect with our consciousness through their skull shape – the matrix of our human consciousness – and thus make their knowledge and energy available to us quite easily.

There are many legends and theories about what crystal skulls are and what we can use them for. However, in my opinion, everyone has their own experience with them and can therefore decide for themselves how they work and what they support us in.

Sometime, somewhere the relationship between the crystal skull and you begins and with it the opening and connection to these great entities….
My crystal skulls are all connected to a special story and it is indeed the case that they came to me and I did not look for them.
Through the intimate bond I have formed with them, I have come to realise that they are more than just a polished stone. Every skull is animate and has its own consciousness, like a human being, and when someone else looks at it, they can also perceive “the character” of the skull. Of course, the stone and its effect also play a role in the healing abilities of the skull, but every stone is individual, just like us humans.

My skulls speak to me and when I work with people they support me by providing me with information and their high vibration, by creating light grids or geometric shapes and by amplifying the energies and healing work. I use them intuitively, as they guide me and am very happy when clients feel attracted to them.

The skulls are given to us to connect with other forms of consciousness and they are great repositories of wisdom and knowledge of past and future times. We just have to engage with them and the rest happens by itself.

Due to demand from my clients, I started a few years ago to importi high quality crystal skulls (and crystals) from well known carvers (Walmere, Vanderlei, etc) from Brazil, to connect them to their keepers. I am very happy to unite you with your desired skull!

Contact me and we will see which skull would like to be part of your life!