Channeling Session

During a channelling session I connect with your soul and act as a channel between you and your Higher Self.
I pronounce the information that I receive and clarify connections in the family system, in your various life themes and in past lives.
At the same time I work on with healing energies on your body and take away old and disused energies and let new, strengthening energies flow into your system.
A session can be emotional, because often issues that have accompanied and burdened us throughout our lives – for example from childhood – are addressed and resolved. This is exactly what the channeling is, among other things, able to do, uncover old conflicts and conditioning and make them conscious, thus giving them the space to transform.
Often it simply feels good to have an independent person recognise and name difficult connections and situations that one has been through.
Many clients describe the feeling after the session as a state of clarity, lightness and feeling accepted.

How a Channeling Session can help you

Conscious or unconscious blockages and false beliefs – truths about ourselves that we have accepted – often prevent us from realising our potential and being happy. A Channeling offers an easy, fear-free access to the unconscious part of ourselves, where I speak truths and explain connections, release blockages, reprogram beliefssystems and cut burdening energy cords to create space for supportive and healing energies in your system.
Channeling helps you to reconnect to yourself, bring your head and heart into harmony and trust your own intuition and soul connection. It can help you to find answers to difficult questions, to name the cause of illnesses, to contact the deceased, to clarify your ancestral lineage, to understand your soul mission and much moreā€¦

How a Channeling Session works

First we talk to each other and clarify your questions, issues and problems. You are allowed to ask ANYTHING and bring all your issues into the room. This conversation creates the basis for the answers and solutions that are given to you during the Channeling.
In my work it is important for me to concentrate on real life and give you pragmatic solutions to be able to move forward and unfold your potential. In addition to contacting your soul, I communicate with supportive energies from the spiritual realm, work with crystal- and crystalskull-grids that enhance the healing work, smudge you, to cleanse your energy field and receive affirmation phrases for you that can positively support you after the session.
A session, including a preliminary talk takes about three hours. I record the Channeling itself and give it to you so that you can listen to it again later at your leisure.
You should take time for yourself afterwards as a session has an after-effect and the body then needs relaxation, rest, food, etc. in order to integrate the energy changes and the experience.

Cost: 240 Euro for a 3-hour Session & 40 Euro more for each additional half hour.